What are auric sprays? How do I use them?

Simply put, the aura is the energy field emanating from all living things. Everything has energy; everything is vibrational – we are all truly energy beings.

The nature of vibrational healing is to help us remember our true and highest vibration – who we are at Soul-level when we are vibrant, joyful, and aligned with our highest path and purpose.

When we are out of alignment we want to re-balance, re-harmonize, to shift back into feeling good. My auric sprays work by imparting their healing vibrations into your aura, causing a vibrational shift in your energy patterns.

Auric sprays are meant to be misted into the air around your body to bring harmony and balance. Each of my sprays is created to uphold a specific vibration which you can attune to. What could be nicer than a “feel good energy shift?”

My auric sprays are Divinely Guided and intentionally created. They contain finest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils and vibrational essences in prayer-infused and sound-blessed spring water, and each bottle contains a gemstone.

Using auric sprays can be immensely helpful when you’ve been doing healing work – they can help support and anchor that healing. You can use them when you’re intentionally working to shift your thoughts. They can be used to clear negative energy. They enhance positive energy. They’re wonderful to use during spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, or prayer. Use them to clear energy in rooms and add sparkle. Or just any time you’d like a feel good energy shift.

How do you use the sprays? It’s simple. Just shake the bottle before each use. You can spray once or twice above your head and allow the mist to fall down around you, enveloping you in its spray. It feels good! You might want to take a few seconds to just stand there, centered, and breath it in. If you like working with affirmations you could say one – I even include one you might like to try.

You can also mist a room to clear the energy; spritz your bed linens before sleeping; use them as you’re inspired – the possibilities are endless!

What are custom essence blends?

First let’s talk about essences. Many people know about vibrational essences, which are often called flower essences or flower remedies (although essences can in fact be made from many other energies besides flowers). When the “essence” or energy signature of a flower – its vibration – is taken in by a person, they are able to attune to it; to resonate with it. The flower’s vibrations are within the body/aura’s vibration and help harmonize and balance it.

When I create a custom blend for someone, I use my skills as an intuitive to connect with their Guides to create a blend most needed by the person at that particular time. I work with a large variety of essences from different makers as well as some of my own. Along with your blend, I include a list of the essences used, and a description of what each essence is for according to the maker.

How do you use the essence blend? Most often essences are taken internally – a few drops under the tongue or placed in a glass of water, taken several times a day. But there are lots of other ways to work with essences as well, including applying them to your body; putting them in your bath; adding them to lotions. I include a list of suggestions with your custom blend, but again I always encourage inspired action.

Are essential oils and essences the same thing?

Although people frequently confuse them, they are definitely not the same thing.

A flower essence is water-based, and contains only the energetic vibrational properties of the flower. There is no plant material contained within the essence – and there is no aroma or taste.

An essential oil is a concentrated, oil-based liquid containing the aromatic compound from a plant. Essential oils are produced by a distillation process, using the blossoms, leaves, stems, or other parts of the plant. Essential oils contain the natural scent of the plant compound, and are the basis for aromatherapy.

This site is called Feel Good Energy Shift. Why are your bottles labeled Blessing Light?
I originally developed these products to assist the clients I work with in my Temenos of the Blessing Light practice. I am an intuitve and work with individuals on a Soul-level. My auric sprays and custom essence blends have proven to be extremely helpful and supportive of the healing goals of those working with me. I do want to honor the connection these products have to Temenos of the Blessing Light, and so I’m reflecting that in the name that appears on the labels. If you’d like to know more about my practice as an intuitive consultant and Akashic Record reader please visit my site. But don’t worry – these products aren’t just for those doing spiritual and Soul-level work. They can be used by anyone who is interested in shifting their energy and feeling good!
Do you have a blog?

I do blog over at my Temenos of the Blessing Light site. I talk about all manner of things, and invite you to come over and visit.