I’m Deborah Weber, an intuitive consultant with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology working with individuals at Soul-level and focusing on healing and empowerment. I’ve created a line of vibrational transformation products to help you with a Feel Good Energy Shift.

I invite you to look around and discover how you can use these sprays and essences to create more balance and harmony in your life; to help you anchor the healing and spiritual work you may be doing; to clear unhelpful energy; and simply shift your energy to feel good.

To understand how these products work we need to talk a little bit about energy and vibrations. All living things are vibrational – each thing has a unique energy “signature.” We in our entirety – our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies – are made up of a series of frequencies. These frequencies form a harmonic and balanced whole when we are healthy, happy, and aligned with our highest path and purpose. The nature of vibrational healing is to help a being remember its true and highest vibration.

We attune to the vibrations around us. Haven’t you noticed when you’ve entered a room where there’s been an argument you can “feel” the heaviness and disharmony? Or when you’re around a laughing baby you just have to smile in delight? Or when you sit in nature you feel a powerful sense of sacredness all around you?

When we’re conscious of ourselves as vibrational beings we can begin transforming ourselves. We can deliberately introduce those vibrations we want to align with into our own fields of energy. Shift the energy and it opens the way so that things around you can change also. And one way to do this is to work with the healing vibrations of flowers and plants.

My auric sprays are created to uphold a specific vibration which you can attune to. For example you can choose a spray for Serenity, for Inspiration, for Healthy Boundaries, or any of a number of intents. You mist the spray around you, center and take a few deep breaths, and ahhh – you’ve got it. A feel good energy shift! Included with each spray is an intention/affirmation you may wish to use to help focus your thoughts.

Additionally, I offer custom blends of flower essences. This is a personalized blend created specifically for you. I work intuitively and in consultation with your Guides and mine, to create a blend to help you come back into balance and harmony. Essences are gentle yet powerful ways to change, grow, and expand. Essence blends are different than auric sprays – they are made from different substances and are primarily taken internally as drops under the tongue or in a glass of water. If you choose a custom blend I will also provide you with information on additional ways you may wish to use it.

For more about the difference between auric sprays and custom essence blends, please refer to my FAQ. There are some other questions answered there that you might also find useful.

I believe we are all powerful Luminous Beings with an unimagined capacity for love, healing, and creation. I wish you much joy on your journey, and when you need it a Feel Good Energy Shift.